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The Map: A Powerful Context to Enable Better Decision-Making

Adding context makes data meaningful.

  • The PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS integrates PI real-time data with one of the oldest and intuitive user interfaces
    known to mankind - the map
  • The Esri ArcGIS map transforms and brings map context into the digital age.
  • The net result: Real-time GIS. A single view. See relationships and dependencies that weren't clear before. Make quicker decisions.

Best Uses for PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS (Pre-recorded)

How can Real-time GIS bring more value to your organization?

  • Learn about best uses
  • Consider ideal scenarios
  • Understand the value of real-time GIS

Out of the Box Configuration

"...what we are after here is a clickable version of doing the integration instead of the hardcore programming, like spending three or four-hundred hours on that."

- Anders Roepke, 2014 OSIsoft UC EMEA presentation

Out of the box, the integration of these two technologies enables the most agile response to potential risks, urgent events and situations before and as they happen.

Put Your Real-time Data on a Map

Listen as Esri CEO and Founder, Jack Dangermond, explains that by displaying real-time network data and historical information on a map, you will be able to see patterns based on geography and perform spatial analysis.


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